Protein has some important functions for your body. Healthy proteins diet are beneficial to weight maintenance as well as overall health and fitness.

High Protein Foods

High Protein Foods

Protein is essential for many important bodily reactions, including building and repairing muscle tissues, fighting illness, and growing strong, healthy bones and nails. Remember that well balanced high-protein food along with vegetables, fruits, water and also the rest stuff is the best way to avoid it to keep healthy and slim. Choose high-protein foods which are low in fat and saturated fats. Choose proteins from whole grain products, nuts, skinless chicken, fish and beans.

Those who have a lot of physical activity or have jobs which involve rigorous sports training need extra protein within their daily diet. High-protein foods take more try to chew and longer to leave your stomach. It is an important element of every cell in the body helping to build and repair the body tissues.


Eggs are a good source of complete protein and frequently make a great economic choice as well as they are often much cheaper, per serving, than meat or fish. Hard boiled eggs are an execllent source of protein, which should feature regularly in what you eat. They are easy to make and do not need any extra seasoning.

Chicken Breast

The safest bet when searching for a high protein low carb food, chicken breast, is an excellent addition to a muscle mass building diet. You can have it grilled or broiled with herbs with a salad on the side.

Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts are also high protein vegetarian foods. These happen to be important source of nutrition. Seeds and nuts can be cooked in many ways including roasted, sliced, whole, chopped, raw, plus much more. You are recommended to consume a number of nut everyday as part of diet. It is very necessary if you are planning to enhance your heart health.

Soy Protein

Soy proteins are the base for foods for example tofu, tempeh and of course soy protein and milk products. Soy is something of a wonder food it may be the only plant based supply of complete proteins, it provides fiber, essential minerals and vitamins, polyunsaturated fats and is great protein. There are lots of benefits of including soy protein inside a diet not least its contribution to get affordable cardiac health.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a healthy and savory high protein reduced carb food and shouldn’t be missing out of your diet plan. You can have it with fruit in the morning or dinner or like a healthy snack in-between meals.


A fruit, avocado is generally eaten as a vegetable. One avocado provides 10 grams of vegan protein, along with healthy fiber and healthy essential fatty acids. Other vegetables that provide adequate levels of protein are broccoli, sweet potatoes, and spinach.

High Protein Foods

High Protein Foods


When compared with peanuts which contain toxins and allergens, almonds are at the top of protein and beneficial fats with no bad stuff. With around 6 to 8 grams of protein for 1/4 cup, these nuts are an excellent source of protein. Sprinkle them in your salads for added crunch, spread some almond butter on some toast, or eat them out of the box for a protein-packed snack. Although they are thought fattening, eating just the right amount can be guilt-free.

Plant Based Protein

Very few of us think of proteins when we consider plant based foods. However many plant products for example legumes, nuts, and grains provide some, although not all, of the nutrients we must have from proteins. Specifically no plant protein, aside from soy, provides all nine from the amino acids needed for good health.